Something about_ booklet

During the time of my Master studies I worked on a number of different photo series which I’d like to call my “scouting expedition” in the fields of minimalism, sustainability and psychology. The title “Something about_” represents these fields.
The result are seven, mostly unfinished, series on which i will continue working even though my studies are finished now. On the one hand, this has been quite an intuitive process, on the other hand though I like the aspect of constant change which also acts as a symbol for our lives. Just like the motto of wabi-sabi:

„Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.“ 

Richard Powell

The book of my project “Something about_” was made as eco-friendly as possible, using materials such as recycled paper, grass board and hemp cord, and bound by hand in a japanese binding by myself. This means that the fold of the pages is on the outside, and some photographs are hidden inside, so that the viewer has to take action. Taking time for this booklet, exploring photographs and daring to rip open the folds are essential parts thereof. Maybe you can tell I was deeply inspired by japanese technique and aesthetics which is a result from my research on the zen philosophy for my thesis.

Some series can be found in my portfolio, for example “See not, hear not, speak not” and “looking for wabi-sabi”.

Further Projects