Tabletop shot of a light purple colour package of strawberry-banana granola with the granola spreading out it on the table. The scene is lit by sunlight casting shadows.
Portrait of Grainology founder Anna Wiggert standing in a bright coral-coloured kitchen. In front of her the different varieties of her handmade granola and she smiles into the camera.
Product shot of two varieties of Grainology granola with the strawberry-banana one in the front. In the front right corner a bowl filled with granola bad yogurt, garnished with fruit and edible flowers.
Pouring shot of hands holding a glass jar filled with granola. The granola is poured into a white ceramic bowl which stands on a beige marble countertop and is surrounded by other white ceramic bowls filled with berries and toppings.
Tabletop shot of a white ceramic bowl of Grainology granola with yogurt, berries and edible flowers on top.
Tabletop shot showing two hands together filled with Grainology granola.
Grainology founder Anna Wiggert sitting on a metal orange coloured chair on a terrace. In the back a wall covered in green leaves. She's holding a white ceramic bowl filled with Grainology granola and she's looking to the left, smiling.
Shot taken over the shoulder of a person who's holding a white ceramic bowl filled with yogurt, Grainologry granola, fruit and edible flowers. In the background an orange-coloured metal café table.
Photograph of a café scene. On an orange-coloured metal table stands a bowl filled with yogurt, Grainology granola, fruit and edible flowers. Slighter in the back a white ceramic small jug and smaller and bigger vases.

Brand and food shooting for Frankfurt based granola brand Grainology founded and handmade by Anna Wiggert which took place in October in Lindenberg’s Hotel Lindely in Frankfurt am Main.

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