Green Asparagus Pasta

Food & Recipes June 6, 2023

Today I’m sharing a seasonal favourite recipe which means I only make this recipe around this time of year when one of my fav veggies is in season in Germany: Green Asparagus which is usually available here from late April to late June. I’m making green asparagus pasta today and I’ve known this recipe for many years now because my Mama made it a lot and it’s where I got it.


  • 250g of pasta
  • 400-500g of fresh green asparagus
  • one lemon
  • one clove of garlic (or more depending how much you like garlic)
  • salt & pepper
  • olive oil
  • a handful of fresh basil leaves

Wash the asparagus and the lemon. Chop off the bottom centimeter of the asparagus stalks (can be stringy), and discard. Cut off the tops of the stalks, as well, and put them aside. Cut the rest into bite-sized pieces.
Peel the garlic clove(s) and remove the sprout inside (I always do that out of habit), use a garlic press or finely mince it.
Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it.
Put a pot filled with water on the stove and add salt. Once boiling, cook your pasta according to the directions (I always use spaghetti or linguine, but feel free to use pasta of your choice!).
Heat up 1-2 generous tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, but be careful to not make it too hot. Add garlic, one minute later the asparagus pieces and 5 minutes later the asparagus tops. Cook until browning a little.
Add salt and chop the basil leaves. When the pasta is al-dente, drain and add to the pan. Then put lemon juice, basil, and pepper on top and mix everything. Add more or less lemon and spices according to your own taste.
Ready to serve! You could add (vegan) parmesan on top, my Mama always does that 🙂

If you make this recipe, let me know in the comments and how you liked it! ☺️
Shoutout to my wonderful Mama for one of my favourite dishes I look forward to every year ♥️