2017 is coming to an end and I can’t quite believe how fast it went by! As every year, it has been full of ups and downs, but I really felt that I achieved so much more with my photography this year and I would love to share some moments of it with you.

I began this year with a collaboration project with my friend Carolin Schaller, whom I’ve wanted to work with for our entire study time, but we never got to do it until then. „she, nude“ was born, a series revolving around female skin. We got help from many young women who were willing to model for us and in the end, we made a book for our uni’s semester exhibiton.

One of my two biggest achievements this year was that I was one of ten finalists in a photography competition by „Horizonte Zingst“ which is a environment and photography festival taking place nearby the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. We were given financial support to execute our projects and I spent a lot of that on Kodak Portra and flying to Lisbon. The main theme of the competition was „humans and the sea“ and we were asked to create a photo series around it. My approach was to show the controversy about our relationship with the sea which is world’s biggest „landfill“ now.
It was the first time for me to contact a modelling agency BLAST Lisbon) and working with models abroad. Antero and Larisse were amazing and I was so grateful that I could work with them. Also, a friend of mine helped me SO much with the „oil“-photos and braved the cold for me (I took all the photos in February!) and I am also really thankful for that.

The photos of all participants were then exhibited during this years photo festival in Zingst. I didn’t win in the end, but that didn’t matter to me at all. I’m still so happy about this opportunity, the people I got to know through it and that I left my comfort zone to create „Wir kamen aus dem Meer“ („we came from the sea“).

The next „big thing“ was waiting right around the corner as I was also doing my bachelor project this year.
It was really a milestone for me finishing my studies and this project. „Vom Finden des eigenen Ichs“ („About Finding My Self“) is about my own identity and how different relationships shaped me into who I am now. I figured that it were the relationships I had with my home, my memories and people (including myself) who have had and still have the biggest impact on me. Of course, I chose to take self portraits for this project and honestly, I’ve never taken more self portraits (especially in that short ti

me) before. Another step outside my comfort zone and it was well worth it. Often, it was emotionally exhausting dealing so much with only myself. However, it was the best thing I could have done for my final project. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped me in any way realising this series.


Aside from these two big projects I, of course, also took tons of other photos, met many new people and travelled with friends and family.

After the summer, I began my Master studies (Information Design) and I want to concentrate mainly on sustainability and minimalism. These two topics truly grew on me this year (especially because of the series for the competition!). I’ve made changes in my own life, like starting to go vegan after almost ten years of vegetarianism, reducing my plastic use/consumption, only buying when I need something etc.
This whole theme is also something I’d like to share more about and incorporate in my photography series.

I’m happy about what 2017 brought me and I can’t wait for 2018 to begin. My plans for the new year are shooting even more, particularly more personal things / moments, growing my photography „business“ (even though I hate that word) to be able to make a living from it one day.  And blogging more often again!
I hope your year has been wonderful and I wish you a great new year!

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Dezember 31, 2017


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